Backwoods Cigar Wraps Original 8ct Box

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Backwoods Wild & Mild Original Cigars that come in 8 Packs of 5 are exactly what their name says — BACKWOODS has crafted an original mixture that is strong enough but isn't overbearing. This flavor has sugary sweetness with noticeable prune notes.

Wrapped in a Connecticut Broadleaf, these cigars are dense and stockily built. They burn consistently and pretty slowly.

Sure, this original flavor tastes good, but take a look at our range of other BACKWOODS CIGARS' FLAVORS. Yow will certainly find something that will help you create the right atmosphere in combination with this one!

Aside from singles, we have ALL OTHER TYPES OF BACKWOODS CIGARS for sale online. We highly recommend you to try all this delicious collection for yourself! 



Package Includes:

  • 1x Backwoods Cigar Wraps Original 8ct Box

Customer Reviews

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MJH (Batavia, Ohio)
Great flavor and always fresh.

I forgot what fresh backwoods felt like until I got them from here.

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